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Network Weaving

Friday, May 12, 2006

Want to learn more?

Just wanted to let people know that they can learn more about Smart Networks and Network Weaving at a workshop in Cleveland on Friday May 19th that also includes Verna Allen of value networks fame. Valdis, Jack and I will be presenting together.

Also, the three of us will be leading a much more in-depth 2-day workshop on building economic networks at Baldwin Wallace.


  • Do you ever do workshops on the West Coast? I may be able at some point to arrange a trip to Cleveland, but it will take some doing...

    By SteveHabibRose, at 5/15/2006 9:19 PM  

  • Yes, I second that. I live in the San Francisco bay area and would like to know if you plan to conduct any classess in the California/West Coast area. I am paying for this stuff out of my own pocket, so the closer it is, the cheaper the total "experience" cost. Do you have any lectures on video/DVD?

    By Mike Allen, at 5/18/2006 1:32 AM  

  • By the way, if you folks were interested in doing a workshop in Seattle, I'd be happy to try to help provide some connections. Please let me know if that's of interest. You can email me directly at or respond via this Blog.

    By SteveHabibRose, at 5/18/2006 2:25 PM  

  • A workshop in Seattle would be of interest to me too since I have family there - free housing and nice visit to boot. But I am here in New York City so put this on your list of potential locations as well.

    By Loretta Donovan, at 7/16/2006 9:33 AM  

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