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Network Weaving

Saturday, November 25, 2006

WWW - World Wide Weaving

Local network weaving is great, but global network weaving is better!

I am blogging from Riga, Latvia, where this week I participated in some great meetings and some great introductions.

Above is a simple network map of the organizations involved. The links show who has collaborated with whom before this week. All of the organizations, except for, are from the EU -- most from Latvia. After having worked with a great group of new media artists @ RIXC and some brilliant mathematicians and computer guys @ SIS, I knew it was time for some introductions. All of the above organizations/groups were represented at the meeting in the Old Town section of Riga. One introduction led to another, and soon plans were being formulated for future projects, sharing technology, new conferences, teaching classes, and introductions to possible sources of finance.

The network below depicts the group after the week, with the green links revealing productive introductions that were made and are currently being pursued for collaboration and innovation.

Compare the "closed triangles" between the two network diagrams... see how connectivity grows?


  • A number of initiatives are quickly coming together to support this kind of World Wide Weaving. One (of many!) examples is the Emerging Futures Network at:

    I'm working with a number of other people to help develop a Commons on the Internet for sharing resources related to sustainability, social responsibility, justice etc. That's another example.

    I think interweaving is in the air -- and the pace of interweaving is accelerating. Looking forward to the possibilities!

    in community,



    By SteveHabibRose, at 12/12/2006 8:59 PM  

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