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Thursday, August 28, 2008

How Network Weavers Use Twitter

Okay, so how do Network Weavers use Twitter to enhance not just their personal networks but community or common interest networks? I started trying to figure this out by watching myself, being pretty much a compulsive Network Weaver. First, I had heard about Twitter but couldn't figure out how to use it so the last time I was in Cleveland I forced Valdis and Jack to show me how to get on and away I went. Network Weavers are ruthless in searching out and learning great Web 2.0 tools to support their networks.

Last night, I ran into Michelle at the Village Bakery (one of the world's great networking hubs!). She and her partner are the leading edge of the Athens locivare network and are now growing quinoa, amaranth, corn and buckwheat for local markets (They already have all this year's crops sold because they have a great network). I asked her if she was on Twitter. She said "No, but I've heard of it. I'll try it." (She joined the next morning.) My next steps are to model clever use of Twitter and suggest she get the "growing local grain" folks she hangs around with on as well. Network Weavers encourage and coach folks to try new tools.

I used Twitter to ask my twpel how they thought Twitter could be useful. George Nemeth of the fab Brewed Fresh Daily suggested as a way to track your geographic community. Network Weavers ask and learn from others.


  • Ha! June is on fire!

    June helped bring the Kitchen Incubator to ACEnet and Athens. In addition to being a GREAT certified kitchen facility for all of the local food businesses it had a great unintended consequence -- it was a super networking hub!

    As people waited for their sauces and salsas to cook they would chat about business, markets, trends, etc. They would learn much from each other and pass on useful knowledge and information. Many triangles were closed as a result of these accidental sauces & salsa conversations!

    So, network weaving using Twitter may become virtual Kitchen Incubator 2.0!

    By Blogger Valdis, at 9/01/2008 7:19 PM  

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