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Saturday, September 06, 2008

How to Build a Network on Twitter

I'm spending so much time on Twitter because I feel it's such an important tool for Network Weavers.

Someone asked me how to get started on Twitter. Some thoughts:

1. Figure out what you want: learning, marketing yourself or something, getting to know new people, just mucking around?

2. If you know other people on Twitter, start following them. Then check out who they follow (we call this getting to know your friends' friends). If their posts look interesting, follow them. Many of them will turn around and start following you. In the first ten days, I started following 38 people and now 31 are following me.

3. Check out and see who in your town or neighborhood is on. Follow the ones you know or find interesting.

4. Use and put in key words to find people interested in the same things you are. I tried civic engagement, transition cities and self-organizing. Then I used to keep me posted when anyone says anything about those topics.

5. Think of people you have little connection with: people from different ethnic or racial backgrounds, people with different political views, urban people if your rural (and vice versa), etc.

6. Watch other people's retweets or RTs (they put @person's name) then if you like what that person says, click on their name, read some of their posts and start following them.

7. When someone starts following you, send them a nice note.

8. After awhile, stop following people who never post or who's posts aren't up your alley, and try some new names.

What ideas do you have? For those of you with Twitter experience, what have you found works?

Let us know your experience in getting on Twitter!


  • Good ideas! I am really enjoying your blog!! I have no idea how you found me on Twitter, but that led me to find out more about you.

    I like what you are doing and it is an area that I am fascinated with. I am an "accidental" convert to web 2.0 for education and good through our open ended world tour.

    What started out as a simple travelogue (by someone who knew nothing about computers) has led to incredible collaborations and connections with people from around the world.

    Now we are taking disadvantaged kids from schools in NYC ( who might never travel) with us virtually along with lots of other school kids and homeschoolers from around the world.

    Twitter ( along with Youtube Stumbleupon) is one of my fav tools!

    By Blogger Soultravelers3, at 9/08/2008 6:00 AM  

  • I searched for key words - can't remember what brought you up but thought what you were doing was so interesting! And as I pointed out in blog post, it's really important to find those innovators who are doing something different. You might want to follow me on Twitter as I'll mention when I post on the blog! Hope you will continue sharing on the blog as well!

    By Blogger June Holley, at 9/08/2008 12:31 PM  

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